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Our research centers on the theory of complex systems and biophysics, applied to a broad spectrum of problems, mainly in the context of the physics of living systems. Our research is often done in collaboration with experimental groups. Key themes of our lab include mathematical modeling of cell growth and mechanics, both at the single-cell level and the population level, stochastic processes, disordered systems, and coarse-grained modeling of complex processes. 


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Flagella length control; Trait coevolution

October 10, 2019

Our paper on length control of multiple flagella (together with Thomas Fai, Jane Kondev, Lishi Mohapatra and Prathitha Kar) is now out in eLife [REF].

New paper on trait (co)evolution in serial dilution experiments (with Jie Lin and Michael Manhart) is now posted on the Biorxiv [REF].