About us

Our research centers on the theory of complex systems and biophysics, applied to a broad spectrum of problems, mainly in the context of the physics of living systems. Our research is often done in collaboration with experimental groups. Key themes of our lab include mathematical modeling of cell growth and mechanics, both at the single-cell level and the population level, stochastic processes, disordered systems, and coarse-grained modeling of complex processes. 


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Congrats, Jie!

August 29, 2020

Congratulations to Jie on his new paper on gene expression noise.

Jie will be starting as faculty in Peking university in the coming months - best of luck Jie!

New publication

July 24, 2020


Our paper on large deviation theory and population growth, led by
Ethan and our Berkeley collaborator Trevor Grand Pre, is now published
in PRL.

New papers out

June 18, 2020


Congratulations to Po-Yi on his cover article in the Biophysical Journal on cyanobacteria and the coupling of cell cycle and circadian clocks (with Bruno Martins), to Felix B.'s on his paper on the budding yeast cell cycle out in PNAS (with Andrew Murray), and to Jie's paper on trait evolution out in Genetics (with Michael Manhart).