Group updates

June 16, 2017
1. Felix W.'s paper on shape recovery of E. coli cells is accepted to Nature Microbiology - Congratulations Felix!

2. Four undergrads are joining the group for the summer - Adam and Nisarga from Harvard, Jiseon from Caltech and Kevin from MIT - welcome!

New grants awarded

December 9, 2016

*[12/5] Grant awarded from the Volkswagen foundation for the project "Self Organization of Cell shape - an essential prerequisite for complex cellular life," together with 4 of our collaborators

* [12/6] Group wins the "Dean's Competitive Fund for Promising Scholarship Award" on "Evolution and Cell Size - Is Cell Size a Spandrel?"

* [10/20] Group receives funding from the Kavli institute to study biomaterials

How cells tick

February 2, 2016

New work sheds light on the structure of the cell cycle in bacteria and budding yeast